Simon Sjöström

63.8286812, 20.2896110


Plats, elektricitet och komponenter ordnade i kretsar för oscillation och kontroll. Radiovågsmottagare. Avläsning av magnetiskt band. Ljudupptagningar av elektro magnetiska fält. Mekanisk och digital reverberation. Högtalare. Akustik. Intuition.


'An artist book, or 'exhibition catalogue' is part of the institutional set of rules that being there (...)  takes the breath out of art's poten-tially dangerous transformative force. Within this, art cannot exist as anything but design. Art must be driven by the desire to change, to break all rules and to constantly redefine the meaning of freedom, because this is the very soul of art itself.'

Sound comes not only through the wall, but around the corner and through the floor and escapes the institutional confines: perception becomes immersive, to be inside the sound.

Simon 625