Martin Eltermann

(b. 1985, Skara)


This Lonesome Valley
Carboard, paper, glue, graphite, coloured pencils
Podiums: 91 cm high, 31 cm wide
Lily of the valley: 37 cm high,
Leaves: 8.5 cm wide
Crane: 20.5 cm high, 13.5 cm wide


The stories found in the art of Martin Eltermann are drawn from his surroundings and where he comes from. They are things that he has been through. They are things that his loved ones have been through. But primarily, they are things that he believes they have been through and that he has only heard about.

This lonesome valley is about the fact that we go through life entirely alone. No one can go through it for us. In a poem, Harry Martinson wrote that if you have two pennies you should buy a loaf of bread and a flower. You should have the bread to eat, it is your food and the flower to understand that life is worth living. The bread in this sculpture group is the connection. You do it every day. The flowers are lily of the valley, but that which also makes life worth living is the day when the cranes come.



Martin JK2A9898

Martin JK2A9915 Angle

Martin JK2A9921 Flower

Martin JK2A9934 Flower

Martin JK2A9937 Close

Martin JK2A9938 Close

Martin JK2A9950 Bird V

Martin JK2A9960