Gynnsamt inställd

Along the border where our part ends and someone else's begins. The obligations, the birds, the gazes, the red, a constant bad conscience. In the meeting in between them, from the search of the hand and a wish to encircle something between words, nothing else is present. Far away in the forest is a small city. A resting place with no demands. A place for thoughts and ideas. It's time to start growing, to make it grow through time. We are parts of the same ground by forcing it to look at something it does not want to see. Jag är ett annat jag. Bygg en gemenskap, representation och beskydd.

What thoughts and questions are being raised in an artistic practice during a pandemic?

The World does what it does, we keep a favorable attitude.


The Bachelor of Fine Art, year 2 at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts exhibit at Galleri Verkligheten.

Opening 1 April 18:00 - 21:00

The exhibition is open Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 16:00 until 16 April


Emma Nygren, Anna-Lisa Fransson,  Ebba Ahlvin, Malin Östberg, Jordan Shakes Pålerfält, Cecilia Renlund, Emmie Jansson, Ester Cavallin, Charlotte Foureaux, Isak Nygren, Tine Renhorn Fernerud, Simon B Neuman, Hannes Iversen, Nora Boestad, Erik Höglund, Klara Hedin, Albin Borg


Galleri Verkligheten