Mumble Speak

Graduation Exhibition for Bachelor's Degree


This exhibition presents eleven artists from the Nordic countries whose diverse and lively practices prod mumbling structures and speaking out loud during these unprecedented times of a global pandemic.

The Academy of Fine Art's BFA degree exhibition 2021 is the result of a three year period of research, discussion and work. It offers trails to technique, material, performance and conceptual thought within contemporary art practice.


Participating artists:
Anton Backe
Ingrid Giro
Bewar Abdulsattar Hasan
Karin Holmer
Joshua Karlsson Elwin
Maria Olsson
Stacy Megmortens
Vania Panes Lundmark
Eric Seppas
Simon Sjöström
Estrid Åkermark


The exhibition runs until 15 August at Västerbottens museum


The Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå is one of five academies of art in Sweden.

With a collective thanks from the students to
Tomas Olander, Harald Lowden, Jessica Li, Gerd Tinglum, Désirée Burenstrand Schyman, Maria Bengtsson, Tekla Bergman Fröberg, Joakim Tano, Simon Persson, Joshua Elwin Karlsson, Bêwar Abdûlsttar, Marianne & Peter Wikander, Sven Seppas, Camilla Caster, Eva Juneblad, Isak Neovius Parkman, Emil Eriksson, Anton Backe, Harri Monni, Nils Marklund
All staff of Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, with special thanks to Gunno Bengtsson, Tryggve Lundberg, and Karin Wibron
Staff of Västerbottens Museum
Special thanks to Edith Marie Pasquier