Application to our summer courses

is closed - results will be published 22 April!

To you who have applied to our summer courses!
Thank you for your interest! 22 April the notificaiton of selection results will be sent out via and you will find out if you have been offered a place/ a place on the waiting list. If you are admitted you will get information where to find our welcome letter in which you find out when the course starts, schedule and other practical information.


Each year we offer one or more summer courses in different artistic fields within Fine Arts. It can be in Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Performance, Video or something else. Usually they are on bachelor's level  and 7,5 or 15 credits. Classes are held in June (week 23-24) and in August (32-33) and between the two teaching periods you work individually with your own artistic work. Schedules for the courses will be available and sent out to the participants no later than one month before the courses start on 7 June.

2022 we offer three summer courses of which one of them (the photography course) is web-based (online):

Painting (English upon request)

Teckning  - inom det narrativa fältet (in Swedish)

Photography and moving image as a critical practice (English upon request)

Teacher Painting course: Erla S. Haraldsdóttir
Teacher Drawing course: Anneli Furmark
Teachers Photography course: Salad Hilowle, Emily Fahlén, Johannes Samuelsson



18 February (13:00): Application opens at se and the link to our application for uploading your work samples will be published on this page

15 March (23:59): Last application date (both at and for sending in one's work samples)

closed also for late application!

22 April: Notification of selection results is sent out.
You who are admitted will with your result obtain information where to find our welcome letter. In there you will find out when the course starts, how registration is handled and other practical information for you who are new at Umeå University.


If you have any questions contact us at