Who does what in the office?

The Academy's Office - Assignments in general


Administrative secretary

Robert Djärv takes care of the Academy's premises, the access- and alarm systems; coordinates studios, guest accommodations, the studio in Berlin and the Gallery. He runs the Academy's webpage, guides international students, deals with purchase, supply and inventory.


Study administrator

Fanni Nylén works with the admission of new students, registering students/results and administers syllabuses and curriculums, and will answer questions on student matters. Together with the Director of Studies she register the schedule and handle student exchanges.



Susanne Andegras is in charge of the economy, budget and final accounts. She works with staff matters, salaries/fees and also some purchases (concerning for example exam projects). She also administrates research projects and works with management support.



Monica Granberg works with every-day financial accounts, travel expenses and travel bookings. She provides support for budget and final accounts, financial monitoring and fees. Monica also coordinates the archives.