KUNO is a Nordplus network comprising 17 Nordic Baltic Fine Art Academies, - an art university without walls. By cooperating on a wide range of activities, the member institutes commit themselves to the continued development of higher fine art in the region.

The network organizes student- and teacher exchanges between schools during three months, six months or a year. Within KUNO, students are able to make shorter exchanges to participate in projects in other art academies. KUNO divides the student mobility into either placements, exchange studies or express courses. When you apply for exchange studies you apply for one or two terms. Express courses are announced throghout the term by the coordinator at the host academy. They are open for all to apply (often with a motivation letter). Finally, placements are when students apply to practical training in an organisation, at a gallery, museum or some place else lasting from one week up to a whole term. Depending on the length of your mobility you have a chance to receive financial support in the form of a monthly or weekly grant and a travel grant coordinated by the KUNO secretariat who applies for funding through the  Nordplus Higher Education programme.